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following CD's albums and artists:  

1. The Lonesome Sisters Debut Album THMCD-0401

2. The Lonesome Sisters & Riley Baugus 
Going Home Shoes THMCD-0404 


3. The Lonesome Sisters with Rayna Gellert THMCD-0605

4. Lonesome Sisters: Deep Water THMCD-1206

5. Lonesome Sisters & Riley Baugus: 
Lonesome Scenes THMCD-1208

6. Sarah Hawker
Kundalini Yoga Music with 
the Lonesome Sisters THMCD-0712

7. June Drucker: Tumble and Leap THMCD-0403

8. JimmyJohnnyJoe Stringband THMCD-0402

9. Old Buck: Old Time Stringband THMCD-1013
with Emily Schaad, Sabra Guzman, Riley Baugus, Debra Clifford

10. The Farwells: Debra Clifford & Becca Wintle,


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Bruce Molsky & Debra Clifford's April 2019 Rollick

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