Love's Worse Than Sickness

by The Farwells



  Love's Worse than Sickness (Traditional) 

2nd verse written by Becca Wintle.
Lead Vocals: Becca Wintle
Harmony Vocals: Debra Clifford

Originally an unaccompanied ballad we learned from a Texas Gladden (1894–1967) recording. Virginia's own Texas Gladden is best known for her unaccompanied Appalachian singing. She was the sister of Hobart Smith (1897-1965), a well known American old time banjo and fiddle player.

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The Farwells


Love’s Worse Than Sickness
(traditional, from Texas Gladden)

My own true love, so fare you well

You’ve slighted me, but I wish you well

You’ve turned me away and broke my heart

Oh how can I from you depart.


I’d be by now your merry young wife

If not for you who caused me strife

I’d have someone to call my own

Oh how I’m tired of being alone    

(added verse by Becca Wintle)


The pain of love no tongue can tell

No mind can read, no heart can swell

I’ll tell you in a very few lines

Love’s worse than sickness, ten thousand times



©2015 arrangement by The Farwells

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