The Farwells Debut CD: Debra Clifford & Becca Wintle

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1. Look Up, Look Down that Lonesome Road (Traditional)
2. Sugar Baby (Traditional)
3. Motherless Children (Traditional)
4. Love's Worse than Sickness (Traditional, 2nd verse by Becca Wintle)
5. High Up on Tug (Traditional fiddle tune from Edden Hammons WV)
6. Pretty Little Saro (Trad. rearranged & rewritten by Debra Clifford)
7. Little White Robe (Traditional)
8. Pretty Little Indian (Traditional fiddle tune from Ward Jarvis WV)
9. Little Sadie (Traditional fiddle tune from Edden Hammons WV)
10.  Biddy (Traditional fiddle tune from Edden Hammons WV)
11.  Hang me (Traditional)
12.  Green Pastures (Traditional)
13. That Train (Debra Clifford ASCAP)

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Bruce Molsky & Debra Clifford's April 2019 Rollick

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