The Farwells


                                      The Farwells: Becca Wintle & Debra Clifford


Becca Wintle has been playing fiddle since young, learning classical from her mother. Raised in Totnes, Devon UK, Becca played fiddle in an English Country dance band for many years and later found herself interested in bluegrass. Debra & Becca met at the Friends of American Old Time Music Festival in Gainsborough, England.

They started making music, singing, and recording soon after with Andy Bell at his studio in the Peak District. Becca plays fiddle, guitar and sings lead and harmony in The Farwells. They now Autumn 2018 live in Totnes, Devon, England. 

Debra Clifford is an award winning Lonesome Sister with Sarah Hawker, voted best acoustic duo of 2006 by Gibson Guitars and recording 7 CD’s, which can be found here. Although not currently traveling, they are still making CD's. She plays mandolin, guitar, clawhammer banjo and tenor guitar, and sings lead and harmony in The Farwells. She is also is a member of Old Buck String Band, having recorded a CD with that band: Emily Schaad, Riley Baugus & Sabra Guzman. She has taught mandolin, singing and guitar at old time music camps and workshops here and abroad, including Ashokan Southern Week and Wheatland. She is the owner of the Old Time Traveling Music School with Val Mindel, and has toured with Ginny Hawker & Tracy Schwarz. She is also the owner of Ancestorville, a facebook town with over 70,000 members. and check out The Old Time Rollick that Debra is presenting April 2018 with Bruce Molsky. It's the 3rd annual.

Read a great article/review on the Farwells in the Huffington Post by Folklorist Stephen D. Winick here.


Bruce Molsky & Debra Clifford's April 2019 Rollick

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